Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Painting Darker as my mood gets Lighter...

Untitled Oil on Canvas 18"x 24"

This latest painting at my current rate of mishaps will probably never see completion. I have been whinging about this since it happened so I may as well blog about it. A couple of weeks ago I dropped a table onto my foot, may sound strange but hey, I dont call myself the village idiot artist for nothing. Hairline fracture, why not! Nothing quite like pain to put you off your life.
I press on, rather, I hobble along. Juggling baby, Mikey, home, finances, work (yes, Art is work, dont believe that then just try it!)

                Today, My foot is healing, so off we go to the baby clinic followed by a bit of shopping in Tesco. Weather is great, perfect, I buy a crisp lettuce then to the deli counter. Do I have my new spectacles? No, of course not - village idiot remember.
Hmm Sweet something something-something cherry peppers, yes those will be good in my salad!

Having just eaten some of that salad I can tell you what I think the label should have said..Sweet BURNYAFACEOFF HAVETOTAKESOOTHINGCREAMTOTHEBOGSFORAMONTH Cherry Peppers. I think my face might be on fire, instead of drinking water I am throwing it directly at my face in the hopes that it will work quicker that way. My big idea of doing some painting while the baby is asleep are dashed because I have to go cry for awhile. Maybe later when my vision returns.

I also draw daft little cartoons of my daft life, sometimes, and why not, its my world. :)

There Once Was A Table.....


John Salmon said...

Oh Samantha, how did I miss this post? The top painting looks sublime. I wasn't expecting that. Nice colours.

Sorry about the table and cherry peppers. I have had some hot stuff in the past and lost my sense of taste for two weeks. I thought I'd lost it for good but thankfully it came back.

I like the little cartoon. Are you chopping the table and burning it? Nice big axe.

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

Thank You John :)
If I am going to develop my figure paintings I will need models...I use images I pay for, but inevitably that means I have to change things here and there on the original images to suit my purposes, not ideal. My work has always involved using my own photo's and references. Tricky business this figure painting.

Yes, that table is being executed! (Not really, only in my head)