Monday, 22 August 2011

Expectations, Revelations and Complications

Painting figures using oils, still all new to me. Somehow it gets under your skin, into your brain and sits there..challenging you, pushing you. I want to rush and rush and finish but it does not happen that way. You battle and struggle and try to get comfortable. I Love painting figures, I Hate painting least once a week I want to quit painting altogether, then it draws me back like a drug I cannot exist without. I need models, real people. I often see a person on the street and would love to ask them to sit for me, but I never do...I feel like some kinda art pervert freak. People think I am strange, not sure if I care about that.

When a painting is near completion I have to at least have visualised the next one, if I don't have a planned next move I feel anxious, disturbed. I would love to know if other artists suffer for their work as I sometimes do...frustration is me!

Expectation, Oil on Canvas 18"x 24"


John Salmon said...

I like this Samantha because it's taking me out of my comfort zone and I needed a while to respond to the post.

I don't know if it's because she looks pained or whether she wouldn't really want me to see her in what may be a distressed state.

It may not be as highly detailed as some of your work has been but this one doesn't need it. Either you "get it" straight away without looking too closely or you don't.

This provokes an emotional response from the viewer which all good art should. It doesn't matter whether the response is positive or negative. It's provokative.

John Salmon said...

Oh no! I've spelt provocative wrong. I'm going to have to go and sit on the naughty step.

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

Thanks John! That is the response I was hoping for. And, come to think of it I prefer your original spelling of provokative, it is edgier! ...Would make a good title.

Art by Colugnatti said...

Great work :)

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

Thanks Colugnatti :)